How to Unerase Files on External Hard Drive?

pen drive data recoveryExternal hard drive is storage device used to transport or back up important files with utmost safety and ease. You are able to save large number of files and folder in an external storage device. It is portable so that user can easily carry storage device one place to another. Although external storage device have plenty of advantages yet sometimes files get deleted due to human errors. Under such situation, user is searching for reliable tool to unerase files on external USB drive.

USB Recovery tool is one of the specific applications used to recover deleted files from USB drive. It is used to perform USB drive data recovery within few simple steps. You are able to recover media files, PDF file, Office document file, PSD files, etc. With the use of this USB recovery application, user can easily recover drive working on NTFS, FAT, EXFAT, HFS and HFSX file system. This tool can be downloaded on both Windows as well as Mac operating system.

Some of the reasons due to files from USB drive get deleted

Human Error: Accidental deletion or format are some of the human error due to which user lose important files from USB drive. It happen while performing task on computer and somehow deleted or format accidentally.

Malware Attack: The malware attack on system result in deletion of file table. As a result of which system is unable to read out the files stored on USB drive and user have to face severe data loss.

Use of Combinational Key: The use of Shift+Delete key while deleting unwanted files from USB drive sometimes deleted important file permanently. It happen to user may times which results in deletion of file.

Other Factors: Some other circumstances responsible for deletion of files from USB drive are sudden power failure, hardware malfunction, application error, and  many more;.

You can use this application to overcome above mentioned scenarios with utmost ease. With this recovery tool, user is able to unerase as well as restore on any data storage device.

Features of USB Recovery Tool

  • The USB data recovery tool can be installed and launched on all the Windows or Mac operating system. This software requires very less space for installation on any operating system.
  • After successful installation, you are able to recover 300 file types with few simple steps. You can also save the recovered files using this effective tool.
  • Save recovery session of this application allow user to resume or even pause the recovery process. But it strictly recommended not to disconnect the port of external device until the recovery process is completed.
  • You can easily search file from the large lists according to file name and file signatures. The software is also available in demo version so that user can download and install this app for free.

Most Common Problems Related to Mac OS and their Solutions

mac appleMac is a series of graphical user interface based operating systems. It has designed and marketing by Apple Inc. for their Macintosh line of systems. The first operating system was introduced in the year of 1984 as being integral to the original Macintosh. The Macintosh, generally its system software, is credited with having popularized the early graphical user interface concept. Mac OS X is a Unix based operating systems. Mac systems are most widely used OS across the globe.

Mac is one of the largest selling points that it just works and users mostly would not find themselves spending hours updating drivers and troubleshooting problem. All the same, what should people do when something on Mac does go wrong? Here, we have listed the some main issues which can be faced by Mac users and also providing the way to fix them.

If the Mac system is running very slowly, then people need to first port of call should be to access the Activity Monitor, which can be entree by heading to Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor in the Finder window. Once its opened, people should watch five different tabs that are Memory, Disk, CPU, Energy and Network.

By clicking the Memory tab, people can get to a window displaying a list of all processes running on the system, along with the graph that represent the memory usage. If the graph is green, all is well with the system. But if this graph is red or amber, then Mac OS is having issue managing memory and could be the cause that Mac is working slowly. It can be due to a memory hogging application, and by organizing the list by memory usage, people can easily identify the perpetrator.

Some people have intermittent Wi-Fi problems, where the connection will disconnect at random. If people keep loosing Wi-Fi connection on Mac system, then there is a way by which they can make sure that it does not occur in future. Ma system can be configured to link to a 5GHz Wi-Fi network, which has a shorter range than a 2.4GHz network, but has less intervention due to no domestic gadgets using that frequency. The 5GHz frequency also assists faster data transfer, so Wi-Fi connection may even better in the long run.

Drive Recovery Software-Recover Hard Drive Data

Last day, “I downloaded one of my favorite movies in HD quality through the internet and saved it in my systems hard drive. Today morning I decided to transfer that movie to my pen drive as I want to clear some internal memory to perform various tasks. At the time of transferring, due to some interruptions my systems got shut down. I restarted the system again to continue the further process but I didn’t found that movie file. I searched a lot but all my trails go to the bin. If you guys have any idea about this worst scenario then please help me”.

Drive recovery softwareAre you a victim of such similar situation? If yes, then no need to worry as it is quite common data loss scenario. As hard disks plays vital role in the computer systems to store various types of data such as audio, video, images, RAW data, spreadsheets, office data, documents, etc. so data loss from this hard drive might put you under miserable situations. Whatever may be the data loss scenarios you can still hope for data recovery with the help of reliable software named Drive Recovery software.

Scenarios which leads to the deletion or loss of data from hard drive:

  • Accidental Deletion: Accidental deletion of important data is one of the major data loss scenarios faced by most of the users i.e. at the time of deleting unnecessary data user may accidentally select some important data and press delete option. This results in the deletion of data from the Windows and Mac hard drive.
  • Data Transfer Interruption: While transferring the data from external storage drive to system’s hard drive and vice versa if any unwanted disturbances takes place then it results in loss of data from hard drive.
  • Unintentional Formatting: Formatting any hard drive is an easy way to erase all the data within an instance of time. If the user unintentionally formats the hard drive without taking backup then it results in the complete deletion of data from hard drive.
  • MBR Corruption: Due to severe virus attacks MBR gets corrupted. This leads to corruption of data from hard disk drive.
  • Other Reasons: Some other circumstances responsible for the  deletion or loss of data from hard drive are a presence of bad sectors, virus attacks, file system corruption, use of unreliable third party tools, hardware issues, emptying Trash and Recycle Bin, etc.

Unique Features of Drive Recovery Software:

This software easily recovers deleted or lost data from hard drive on all the versions of Windows and Mac operating system. It consists of powerful scanning algorithm which has the ability to scan the entire hard drive and recovers deleted or lost data in hassle free manner. Drive recovery software is also used to recover data from hard drive that supports file systems like NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32, etc. It is used for recovering various types of data including audio, video, documents, images, spreadsheets, etc. This application is used to recollect data from various hard drive types like SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. and also used for retrieving data from various external hard drives like SD cards, external hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, external USB drive, and FireWire drives and so on. It supports save recovery session so that the user can skip the rescanning process and successfully recover data from various hard drive manufacturers like Hitachi, Iomega, LaCie, Seagate, WD, etc.

What Is VisionTek’s New USB 3.0 Pocket SSD?

VisionTek’s new USB 3.0 Pocket SSD is intended to carry SSD class storage to removable drives. SSD technology in a removable drive enables more rapidly access, lower power use, quicker application load times, etc.visiontek_pocketssd_all-100638099-large

USB 3.0 Pocket SSD comes with different size such as 128GB2 (for £90), 256GB3 (£150) and an enormous 512GB4 (£280), etc. Its name implies that USB 3.0 Pocket SSD slips into the pocket and delivers read and write speeds up to 450MBps/155MBps. USB 3.0 Pocket SSD works in Macs, Windows devices, Linux PCs. Its speed is more than the traditional 7200rpm hard drives as well as they are portable.

Sleek Portable Storage for Movies, Music, and All Other Types of Data

It allows all its users to accumulate and transfer files between any devices very easily. You can even store different types of files such as pictures, music, videos, and other important data.

Transfer Files up to Twenty Times Faster

It transfer files such as HD videos, full resolution photos, etc 20 times faster than typical USB 2.0 flash drives.visiontek-20gb-copies-100638319-large

Features of the VisionTek USB 3.0 Pocket SSD

  • Transfer speeds approximately 20 times faster than usual USB 2.0 Flash Drives. Up To 450 MB/s read and 155MB/s write speeds
  • for ultimate durability Aircraft Grade aluminum enclosure is presentvisiontek-as-ssd-100638318-large
  • VisionTek USB 3.0 Pocket SSD is designed and built in the North America with high superiority components and also supports free lifetime US based tech support to facilitate the users if they find any difficulty while using it
  • USB 3.0 Plug and Play attuned with LED usage indicator
  • 2 years limited warranty
  • Trade Agreements Act Compliant
  • Bootable drive


Capacity                                           –                 512GB

Interface Type                                 –                 USB 3.0 (Backward Compatible to USB 2.0)

Compatibility                                   –                 Windows® XP and higher, Mac OS X® 10.4 and higher, Linux®

TAA Compliant                               –                   Yes

Warranty                                         –                   2 Year Limit

Memory Type                                 –                 MLC NAND

Performance Up to                         –                 450 MB/s Read, 155MB/s Write

Random4K Performance               –                 Up to 25K Read, 27K Write IOPS

Know About TrackerPad GPS stickers To Track Your Belongings

As the days of the world are going forward robbery is also going to the peak point. Nowadays it is very hard to keep the belongings safe, because the steeling is more around us. Or sometimes we our self leave the belongings somewhere by mistake or forgetting. The left belongings can be taken by someone else. Now you cannot go and search our belongings and doing this will not be much successful. So you need to adopt some advanced technology in order to gain back the lost or stolen things.

GPS_TrackingNowadays, internet made the life style easier and faster. The location of lost belongings such as wallets, bikes and bags can be tracked with the help of small GPS trackers and the coin-sized TrackerPad. Perhaps this is the smallest device among the lot of devices. Some pretty tiny trackers such as TrackR Bravo and the Tile are already available in the current market. The working of the TrackerPad is enclosed by a soft and flexible casting, whereas the casings of the TrackR Bravo and the Tile are made of hard materials. It is attached to objects using its adhesive rear and it weighs just 1.6 g (0.05 oz).

An in-built prepaid SIM is available with the TrackerPad, which will communicate with the TrackerPad server and the server that in turn relays information to an accompanying TrackerPad app that is installed in your smart phone. Using scanning QR code, pads are paired with the app on the front. The pads can be names after pairing for easy reference. With the help of app, it is possible to select a TrackerPad by its name and view its location on a map. Reports can be setup as automated at certain intervals of the user’s chosen and geo-fencing can also be set up in order to receive the notification if the Pad exits a defined boundary.

The battery life of the TrackerPad is around seven days also it depends upon often their location is reported. Charging of pad is done by wireless charger. The pad should be placed on the top of the charger and the user will receive a notification via the app to say that charging has begun. Also the pad is water proof and can be used repeatedly. The funding campaign of Kickstarter crowd is underway for the TrackerPad.

Sony Card Recovery Software to Retrieve Lost or Deleted Photos


Sony is a multinational company which develops, designs and manufactures various electronics devices such as digital cameras, USB drives, memory cards, etc. Sony memory cards are widely used in various electronics devices to store various amounts of data such as photos, videos and audios. It is mostly used in various digital camera brands like Nikon, Canon, Kodak, Olympus, Fujifilm, etc. to store digital photos.

An abrupt ejection of Sony memory card from computer while transferring digital photos from Sony memory card to computer or vice versa, as a result of this photos get deleted or lost from Sony memory card. Apart from this there are more reasons behind the deletion or loss of essential photos from Sony memory card. Don’t worry! Here, you can recover deleted or lost photos from Sony memory card with the aid of Sony Card Recovery Software. This software inbuilt with effective algorithm process which is capable of recovering deleted or lost photos from Sony memory card.

Common causes due to which photos get deleted or lost from Sony memory card:

  • Suppose you are connecting a Sony memory card to computer for transferring photos from memory card to computer. During this process, if you may sudden ejection of memory card from computer, as there more chance of loss of photos from Sony memory card.
  • If you are using antivirus software for scanning the Sony memory card or any other storage device. If your Sony memory card contains malicious or virus infection then antivirus software remove infected files from it, as a outcome of this you may loss essential image files.
  • Sometimes, you abrupt removal of Sony memory card from computer while photo transferring process from Sony memory card to computer and vice versa which can leads to photos get deleted or loss from Sony memory card.

You can make use of Sony Card Recovery software to effectively perform Sony memory card recovery with utmost ease. It has simple user interface and any new user can use this tool to restore deleted or lost photos from Sony memory card like SF, XD, CF, and so on.

Features of Sony Card Recovery Software:

  • This program inbuilt with effective algorithm which is capable enough to recover deleted or lost digital photos from Sony memory card on various versions of Windows and Mac platforms.
  • It recovers data from various types of memory card which supports different file system such as FAT, ExFAT and NTFS.
  • It has the ability to restore data from formatted and damaged memory card such as SDHC, SDXC, SD, CF, XD, and so on.
  • It provides a Save Recovery Session which helps you to resume process without scanning of hard drives.
  • This software allows you to retrieve deleted or lost photos from different brands of memory card like Verbatim, SanDisk, Transcend, EMC Corporation, Quantum Corporation, etc.
  • Using this tool, it is possible to recover digital RAW images of different Sony memory cards which are used in various camera brands like Nikon, Kodak, Olympus, Fujifilm, Samsung, etc. If you want to know the detailed procedure involved in recovering lost or deleted data from a Sony SD card, just check this page.

Know How to Get Deleted Photos Back on your Phone

Mobile phones are basically used for communication between people who are far away. In olden days mobiles were only manufactured for calling and SMS purposes, but nowadays mobiles are manufactured for multipurpose such as capturing images, recording videos and audios. There are many smart phones in current market with different camera capacity and you can buy smart phones on your required quality of images.

1_1443216241Consider a scenario: You have captured many important photos in your phone and due to some known or unknown reasons your photos are lost or deleted. In such situations you will be in frustration and thinking how to get deleted photos back on your phone? But you will not find any manual way to get deleted photos back.

In such situations you just need to make use a reliable recovering third party tool. In current market the most widely used recovering tool is Mobile SD Card Recovery software. This software has advanced interface that helps the users to recover deleted photos in few simple steps.

Reasons of deletion of photos from phone:

Accidental deletion: There will be lot of unwanted photos in your mobile phone. To make free space in phone memory card you will try to delete the unwanted photos. While deleting unwanted photos you may select important photos or select Delete All button accidentally. This leads to deletion of important photos.

Virus Infection: Virus plays a vital role in deletion or corruption of files. Virus may enter in your mobile when you transfer files from virus infected system or downloading files from virus infected websites. If your mobile SD card gets attacked by the virus then there are chances of corruption or deletion of photos.

Improper handling of SD card: While transferring photos from SD card to computer, if you remove SD card abruptly then there are chances of corruption of SD card that intern cause deletion or loss of photo files.

Other Reasons: Apart from the above mentioned reasons there are many other reasons that are responsible for the corruption or deletion of photos from mobile SD card. Some of them are due to file header corruption, file system corruption, interruption during transfer, accidental formatting, etc.

If your files are deleted or lost due to any of the above reasons than simply download and install Mobile SD Card Recovery software. To handle this software there is no need of a technically skilled person and normal users can easily manage this software.

Features of Mobile SD Card Recovery software:

  • This recovering software is applicable for different versions of Mac OS X (Yosemite, Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Mountain Lion and Lion) and Windows (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc) operating system.
  • It can recover deleted photos due to accidental deletion, file header corruption, file system corruption, abrupt shut down of system while transferring photo files, etc in hassle free manner.
  • You can recover deleted files and preview recovered files freely in demo version of this software. TO save the recovered photos you need to purchase full version of this software.
  • The unique feature of this software is “Save Recovery Session” i.e. once the software scans the SD card it will save the details of the deleted files and no need to rescan.

Use CF Card Data Recovery Software to Get Back All Files

Have you lost any files from CF card? Do you want to recover them? CFIf so, then do not get worried, now you can get back lost or deleted files from CF card in hassle free manner.

For the sake of recovering files from CF card, you can make use of CF Card Data Recovery software. With the help of CF Card Data Recovery software, you can easily bring back the lost or deleted photos from CF card. This tool can recover files from CF cad of different brands such as SanDisk, Verbatim, Transcend, etc. This amazing data recovery tool includes a powerful scanning engine, which scans the whole CF card in a very short time and recovers the lost or deleted data from it.

How files get lost from CF card?

Accidental Deletion: While deleting unwanted files from CF card, you may accidentally select important files and delete them. As a result of which you will lose important files.

Virus Attacks: If you connect your CF card to infected system for transferring files then your files may get corrupt and become inaccessible.

File system Corruption: If the file system of CF card gets corrupt then files are stored in it becomes inaccessible, and finally get lost. Corruption of file system mainly happens due to virus infection.

File Transfer Errors: While transferring files from CF card to computer or vice versa, if some sort of error occurs then there are chances of losing files from CF card.

Improper Handling: If CF cards are not handled in a proper way i.e. if it is suddenly removed from its host device then files will get lost.

Other Reasons: Accidental formatting, using third party tools, format error, etc also leads to data loss from CF card.

If important files are lost or deleted from CF card due to these above described scenarios; then take the help of CF Card Data Recovery software and get back the lost or deleted files in a very easiest way.

Prominent features of CF Card Data Recovery software are described below:

  • CF Card Data Recovery software is capable of recovering files from CF card on Windows based computers; it can be installed on Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP etc.
  • It is also compatible with all available versions of Mac OS including Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Snow Leopard and Leopard etc.
  • Check out the demo version of CF Card Data Recovery software that is available on the web. If you feel satisfied with it then go for its licensed version to save the recovered files.
  • It recovers various types of photo files including JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, JPG etc.
  • With the help of this software you can recover files from almost all types of secondary storage devices including USB drives, SD cards, memory sticks, external hard disks, etc.
  • This application can restore more than 300 types of files such as audios, videos, Excel files, PDF files, Word documents, etc.
  • It’s a safest application, which is absolutely free from all kinds of threats such as viruses and malware programs.

What is Wireless Hard Disk and How Does it Work?

Smart phone and Tablet users quite often says about its low storage capacity. And as you know mobile memory cards have its limitation. So if you are in need of more storage space then it’s better to prefer an external hard drive.

External hard drives are a bit inconvenient though with its cable and connections. Don’t you think it will be better off without cables? Wireless hard drive is an amazing find.

The objective of Wireless hard drive is to make it much more convenient to use by making it on the go storage. Let’s get into the depth of Wireless hard disk now.wireless hard disk

What is a Wireless Hard Disk?

The name itself tells the story: a wire-free version of external hard drive that you have seen already for long now. You will need to have a wire for charging its internal battery, but for connecting the drive to a mobile device or computer you don’t need a USB cable. It’s just like any Wi-Fi connection.

How does a Wireless hard drive work?

Wireless hard disk is not much different from an external hard drive, when you compare the looks of it. Its bit more bulky as it have an additional wireless unit and a battery support. The wireless unit added to it turns the external drive to a Wi-Fi router or like a hot spot for making connections.

You can connect a wireless hard drive with a smartphone or tablet and browse photos, music, movies and other files with a dedicated app. It’s a much better fit for Android devices than IOS, when it comes to file management both are equally good.

Note: These Wireless hard disk are mainly intended for media files and some common document formats. It doesn’t support uncommon file formats.

You can connect wireless hard drives with Windows and Mac computers. It works just like any other portable storage drives. It also allows you to connect with a regular USB cable for faster data transfers.

Another aspect to look at, whether it be smartphone or computer, you cannot connect two Wi-Fi networks at the same time or else you need a custom software to do so. In that case, how is it possible to stay connected with internet while using your hard disk? This is where passthrough technology can help you. Passthrough lets you convert the wireless hard drive into a network accessed storage (NAS), so when device is connected to router it will be able to access data stored in the drive. However the device will need to support your drive’s dedicated app.

Are you looking to buy a Wireless hard disk really? If so then keep in mind about the battery as well, normally wireless hard drive gives 4 to 5 hours of video streaming, our advice is don’t settle on any less from that.

Know How to Recover Sony SD Memory Card Data

Definition of Secure Digital Card (SD Card)

A Secure Digital card is also known as flash memory card and it offers high storage capacity in a tiny package. It facilitates user to store their various kinds of data such as images, MP3 songs, text documents, PPT files, video songs, and so on. Nowadays, al the electronic devices such as mobile phones, camcorders, audio players, digital cameras, GPS navigation and more supports SD card slot in it. Due to its extensive usage these cards are most widely used by the users. There are numerous brands in the market that manufactures SD card.

The well known brand is Sony SD memory card. It is most popular and trusted brand in the market by the users. The Sony SD card is durable and the files which are stored in that will last long. Sony SD card asony sd memory card recoveryre used in the thousands of consumer electronic devices.

Sony SD memory card’s different size and types:

  • MiniSD card
  • MicroSD card
  • SDSC (Standard Capacity)
  • SDHC (High Capacity)
  • SDXC (Extended Capacity)
  • SDIO ( Input / Output)

It provides broad range of storage capacity and the key feature of Sony SD card is data transfer rate is high. However, similar to the other storage device, Sony SD card also prone to loss of data. In various occasion data lose happens to the user such as accidental deletion, interruption in transferring files, etc. In such scenario, user may get worried and look for how Sony SD memory card recovery is possible. This is really a heart breaking situation for any user, as it may contain important files.

Have you lost or erased all your important data from Sony SD card due to any of these situations or some other situation? And you put all your efforts to restore those deleted or lost data from Sony SD card, but couldn’t succeed to find the solution to perform recovery of SD memory card data. Then, don’t lose all your hope! Has there are some methods or tools available in the market that allows you to achieve Sony SD memory card recovery. All software is not up to the mark, you have to choose wisely, which is the most reliable tool that has capacity of retrieving data from your Sony SD card. In this page, I am going to discuss on the best recovery software like Sony Card Recovery. With the aid of this, I have recovered my precious data completely from Sony SD card that are deleted or lost due to various factors.

Sony Card Recovery software not only recover Sony SD memory card data, but also restores data from other brands of SD cards such as Panasonic, SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend and more. It has built-in scanning algorithm that enables you to scan the Sony SD card for lost or deleted data and it also has preview option using that you can view the recovered files before saving on your system or other storage devices.